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patrick quimby: vermont dj

For DJ services-we take the time to customize the music for your event.

Patrick  has a radio show at WMRW
Myself and my niece Kaiya at the the station

<< Patrick has a radio show at WMRW LP – community radio in Warren Vermont called “It takes all Kinds” spanning the genres and the decades.  One of the longest running shows on the station, keeping material fresh and the crates of records in rotation…all this adds to your experience.

DJ services –Includes brand new QSC HPR 122i speakers.  Look at what other companies are offering for equipment.   We keep our equipment current, and in top shape.    Keep the party dancing or enjoy fine jazz over dinner,  with a selection of over 4,000 vinyl lps, a large CD collection and vast MP3 library, music has been my life since that first 8th grade dance. (mixed tapes!!)

Equipment Rentals
Rent a system for your wedding or party.  The high cost of a band or DJ can be the deal breaker on the entertainment portion of the night.  (a word of advice: people remember the music more than anything!)  Gaining popularity is using your own iPod or laptop with a custom playlist.  We can set up the equipment and if available even help you with the other technical aspects for a smooth event! Call or email us for availability, or check out our complete list of audio equipment.

Please make sure you compare with the competition; on equipment alone we have you covered.  With hundreds of events doing live sound production, a weekly radio show to keep the song libraries fresh, and commitment to quality, you will be in good hands with no worries.